• Kids Ages 7+
  • Level Multi
  • Weekly Class2 Classes
  • Carry Time1:30 Hours
  • Material Provided Yes
  • Certification Provided yes

Mandala Class in Abu Dhabi

What is Mandala art? The word Mandala comes from the ancient Indian language (Sanskrit), which means a Circle or Center. Mandala is drawn from the central point and is surrounded by beautiful patterns and decorations that are connected and interrelated. An image of a Mandala can symbolize everything in life that is interconnected and never-ending.  

Mandalas in art therapy are a form of psychotherapy which helps with restoring mental balance. Creating mandalas involves a similar process of unleashing your childrens thoughts.

Mandalas in art therapy are always a reflection and a visual representation of their creator’s emotional state. It’s a powerful feature that also assists in the therapy process.

They are mostly circular but can be of other various shapes, and they’re commonly used as drawing or coloring exercises meant for relaxation and/or concentration. There are two types of mandala art.one is Basic Mandala and another is Dot Mandala

DOT MANDALA art is a pattern that is created with many small colorful dots. This art is done using acrylic paints. This art can be used as a decorative frame in your place where you will be feeling peace while seeing this art.

KIDS WANIA gives your child totally a different platform for learning art in a new and advanced way. This new type of art will keep your children totally engaged with new innovative arts and they will enjoy in leaning this art with more fun.

Benefits of Mandala

A painting of Mandala is mainly created for a meditation purpose, being used to maintain the mind. When practicing Mandala art therapy, It allows you to take your mind off of negative things and decrease negativity in your life. Being disconnected from the chaotic world, you can fully focus on yourself as a natural human being and can set your mind toward your ultimate goal. Mandala helps release stress and prevent your mind from negative thoughts and bad energy.

  • Generate circular harmony.
  • Enhance concentration.
  • Creative thinking.
  • Help develop coordination and psychomotor skills.
  • Mental Balance.
  • Innovative Ideas