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Kids Wania is one of the leading playgroup chains in India, with vast range of experience in playgroup and primary education platform. It has been nurtured by a team of experienced academicians and play group experts. Our experts have understood the real need for play group in this competitive world and have taken sincere efforts to surpass the parent’s expectation. The management strongly believes that play groups play a crucial role in every child’s developmental process and we believe that we carry a social responsibility in preparing the child for the primary education system.


Our vision is to preserve that uniqueness in every child and enrich them with the power of knowledge. We are building a standard in primary education to children . Our approach and methods have proved to be highly effective in sharpening the skills and nurturing the talents of all the children. We are focused on the real meaning of play group which is preparing the child for the higher schooling. We believe in making the child strong and confident in the basic aspects of everything she/he needs to learn. As an organization, we insist on high standards in each and every process we follow, which will lead to better collaboration and a successful relationship with our partners.


We envision today’s children as tomorrow’s leadership icons. We have impacted a milestone departure from the teacher-led to the child-centric. Our learning environment enables each child to realize their unique learning style, while our MI-aided methodology helps them discover their own creative and aesthetic potential.Our lessons are carefully planned to encourage your children to express themselves, work as a team, explore topics and most importantly have fun! Your child will be well prepared for later schooling—and life—with the care of our dedicated, trained and professional staff.


We match like-minded families with qualified teachers where our exciting, evidence-based curriculum ignites each child’s ability to learn and express their individuality. This is something that traditional playgroup are less equipped to achieve because they often use a skills-based curriculum to teach large groups of toddlers in an unfamiliar environment.


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Personalized Involvement

Our program is to help your kids to recognize the passion, talent and learning that builds the child academically, socially and emotionally strong.

Best Management

Our professional management team insists on high standards in the operational process at every level as we grow large.

Collaboration with Parents

Our teachers work closely with the child’s parents to create a learning environment at the school and at their homes.

Innovative Learning

We build innovative learning methods in order to improve the learnign experience for your child.

About Us

We Provide Amazing Care For Your Children

Kids Wania, a pioneer in Playgroup in Abu Dhabi and Primary Education, believes in creating a better future by preparing today’s children with innovative approaches that have been proven to be standard and successful.

  • Learning in a home environment led by a our certified teacher.
  • Choose your little one’s learning experience with our our in-home environment.
  • Explore an exciting play-based program that brings your little one’s imagination to life!


Our all-important make-believe play develops a unique and essential set of super skills in toddlers. With Play Sense play-to-learn program, you are helping your child grow into a resilient, self-regulated, powerful little being.


Kids Wania programs are inspired by the evidence into the benefits of imaginary play in young children. Our programs give you peace of mind that your child’s developmental needs are being met. And that they're having a blast while learning!


Kids Wania unique, exciting curriculum is recognised for it's unmatched creativity. Both in it's expert designed and innovative model, but also because of it's power to ignite the inherent creativity in teachers and little ones.


We believe that genuine connection is essential in developing super skills. Both Play Sense In-home and Online programs give your child a safe space to connect with our exceptional Play Sense teachers and make new little friends.