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Kids Wania International Training and Skill Development center has been nurtured by a team of experienced academicians and play school experts.

Best Preschool in Abu dhabi

Welcome to KidsWania Abu Dhabi - A Leading Preschool for Early Childhood Development

Let your quest for the best Preschool in Abu Dhabi come to an end right here. Kidswania has one of the greatest preschools in the UAE for children as young as three years old. Kidswania in Abu Dhabi believes in educating children through play because children never forget what they learn. We have professional teachers who have been taught to blend fun and learning to make learning interesting and easy for your child. Our Abu Dhabi Preschool seeks to help your kid grow academically, emotionally, cognitively, and physically. Our goal is to provide a childcare atmosphere that is clean, safe, fun, and comfortable for your kid to play, grow, and learn in. Children will be taught to respect themselves and others. Children will be taught to respect themselves and others, as well as the value of sharing, etiquette, and honesty. We believe that positive reinforcement, rather than negative reinforcement or punishment, is the greatest approach to teach children. We strive to deliver high-quality Pre-Kindergarten Class in Abu Dhabi and Mussafah while providing parents with peace of mind.

About Preschool? 

About Preschool in Abu dhabi : Our Preschool in Abu dhabi marks the first step in your child's educational journey, providing a nurturing environment for early childhood development. It's a place where children engage in play-based learning, fostering social, emotional, and cognitive skills crucial for their future success.

Why KidsWania?

1. Exceptional Preschool Learning: At KidsWania, we believe in learning through play. Our curriculum is designed to stimulate curiosity, creativity, and a love for learning, setting the foundation for academic success.

2. Experienced Teachers: Our dedicated team of educators is passionate about early childhood education. With specialized training in preschool teaching methods, they ensure a supportive and enriching learning experience.

3. Play-Based Curriculum: We emphasize play-based learning activities that promote cognitive development, fine and gross motor skills, social interaction, and emotional well-being.

4. Safe and Engaging Environment: KidsWania prioritizes the safety and security of every child. Our purpose-built facilities provide a stimulating environment where children feel secure to explore and learn.

Key Areas in Preschool Curriculum

Our curriculum covers a wide range of key areas essential for comprehensive development: Cognitive Development: Building early literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving skills.

Social Skills: Encouraging positive interactions, sharing, and teamwork.

Emotional Development: Supporting emotional intelligence and resilience.

Physical Activities: Promoting gross and fine motor skills through age-appropriate activities.

KidsWania's Preschool Classes in Abu Dhabi

Our preschool classes cater to various age groups, offering age-appropriate activities and learning experiences. From pre-nursery to early preschool, we provide a structured curriculum that evolves with your child's developmental needs.

Benefits of Preschool Classes

Nursery School in Abu dhabi

Early Learning Foundations: Establishing a strong foundation for future academic success.

Socialization Skills: Learning to interact with peers and build friendships.

Cognitive Development: Stimulating curiosity and a love for learning.

Emotional Well-Being: Nurturing resilience and emotional intelligence.

Choosing the Right Preschools in Abu Dhabi

When selecting a preschool for your child, consider factors such as a play-based curriculum, experienced teachers, a safe environment, and a focus on holistic development. At KidsWania, we check all these boxes and more.

Enroll Your Child Today

Give your child the best start in their educational journey. Enroll them in KidsWania Abu Dhabi and watch them thrive in a supportive and engaging preschool environment.For more information or to schedule a visit, contact us today. Your child's bright future begins at KidsWania!

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