• Kids Ages 5+
  • Level Multi
  • Weekly Class2 Classes
  • Carry Time2 Hours
  • Material Provided No
  • Certification Provided yes

Chess Class in Abu Dhabi

The game of chess has been challenging and delighting players of all abilities for centuries. It is undoubtedly an enjoyable game in its own right and there are a number of tangible benefits that will reflect in children’s learning across many other subjects.Unique to our classes is the understanding that children get the most out of chess when they are having fun. Our lessons are playful and lively.

For younger kids, classes focus on helping them build a strong foundation in chess through storytelling with characters such as “King Sparky” and “Billy the Bishop”. Older kids will refine their strategy by revising games and working together to find checkmate or identify the best possible next move.

Chess deal with developing and improving cognitive brain functions, including problem-solving, creative thinking, strategic planning, pattern recognition, and memorization skills. Also, it helps to potentially raise IQ levels while teaching sportsmanship and building self-confidence at the same time.

Benefits of Chess

Children who learn to play chess typically develop:

  • Higher levels of concentration and better visualisation.
  • Greater lateral and logical thinking skills.
  • Sound problem solving skills.
  • Good sportsmanship, resilience and self-confidence.
  • Develops patience, determination and persistence.
  • Increases speed of focussed thoughts.
  • Improves maintenance of short-term memory
  • Exposure to algorithms and approach to mental programming