• Kids Ages 5+
  • Level Multi
  • Weekly Class5 Classes
  • Carry Time3:30 Hours
  • Material Provided Yes
  • Certification Provided yes
Spring Camp

Spring Camp in Abu Dhabi

Spring season is beautiful. It’s the perfect time and a suitable way for your children to spend their vacation. Kids always love to get involved in activities. Kids wania international training and skill development center brings forth amazing fun-filled activities that will load your kids with a joyous camping experience. We make sure that by getting involved in our Spring Camp Classes, your kids will make the most of this season. Our Spring Camp for kids includes different activities, magic shows, field trips, fancy dress competitions and much more. Our camp presents a perfect combination of fun and educational sessions.

We have our focus mainly on enhancing the skills of our children and thus we base our camp activities on unique themes. Yes! Also, to make our themes more stimulating and indulging, we have named them in a unique manner. We give assistance in building a strong foundation for your child through our amazing co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. With our exciting indoor & outdoor activities and educational hikes, your kid will learn unique skills and become much more creative. These activities will definitely offer kids a competitive edge.

We engage kids through various activities. We enrich their talents and foster their skills. With different activities, we focus on learning through fun in a safe playing environment.List of activities included in our winter camp program:

  • Quilling.
  • Mandala.
  • Art & Craft.
  • Abacus.
  • Robotics.
  • Drawing & Painting.
  • Drawings and paintings.
  • Chess.
  • Rubik Cube.
  • Handwriting.
  • Cooking & Baking.
  • Field Trip.
  • Personality Development.