• Kids Ages 5+
  • Level Multi
  • Weekly Class2 Classes
  • Carry Time1 Hour
  • Material Provided No
  • Certification Provided yes
Rubik Cube

Rubik's Cube Class in Abu Dhabi

Erno Rubik a Hungarian invented the Rubik’s cube or the Magic cube as it got popularly known as in the year 1974. Since then, it has caught the attention of all the puzzle game lovers across the World. As of Jan 2009, 350 million cubes have been sold worldwide, making it the World’s top selling puzzle game.

The World Cube Association organises competitions regularly and maintains official world records. The Guinness Book of World Records conducted the 1st World Championship in Munich in 1981and the official winner Jury Froeschl solved the puzzle in 38 seconds. Since then it continues to be popular and the record time to solve has kept improving. Recently the world record for average time per solve was set at the Australian Nationals 2012, with a 7.53 second average solve time.

Benefits of learning Rubik's Cube?

There are other not-so-obvious advantages to solving the Rubik's cube that will indirectly help your brain become sharper. For one, it betters your eye-hand coordination. It improves your concentration in general and ensures that you can process your thoughts faster.

  • It is a great exercise for the brain.
  • It improves eye-hand coordination.
  • Improves spatial awareness.
  • Develops sharp mental reflexes.
  • Develops patience, determination and persistence.
  • Increases speed of focussed thoughts.
  • Improves maintenance of short-term memory
  • Exposure to algorithms and approach to mental programming