• Kids Ages 5+
  • Level Multi
  • Weekly Class2 Classes
  • Carry Time2 hours
  • Material Provided Yes
  • Certification Provided yes
Drawing and Painting

Drawing and painting Class in Abu Dhabi

Do you want your kids to have fun, learn how to problem-solve, and increase their social skills while learning to draw, paint and make things?Kids Wania international training and skill development center offers after-school art and craft activities in Abu dhabi. Our emphasis is on having fun, learning some art skills and trying new things.

Our team of experienced art teachers encourage kids to develop their creativity, trying out everything from painting, drawing, collage, and sewing, to sculpture, clay work, print-making and more. Our program changes every term, and classes are designed to enhance children’s natural abilities to see elements such as line, shape, colour and composition.


  • Sketching.
  • Water coloring.
  • Pencil coloring.
  • Oil pastels.
  • Acrylic painting.
  • Oil painting.

Benefits of learning Drawing and Painting?

Art has been very well known to have unique effects on the human body, be it mentally or physically. In most cases, positive results occur to both viewers and also practitioners. Art has a variety of forms including music, culinary, architecture but for this particular article, we will be discussing on how paintings and drawing can be very beneficial to the human development.

  • Improves motor skills and coordination.
  • Painting helps boost self-esteem
  • Eye-Hand Coordination.
  • Visual Perception
  • Spatial Attention
  • Creativity
  • Healthy Expression of Emotions
  • Planning Skills
  • Pre-Writing Skills
  • Sensory Language Development
  • Attention Span